Project Management/Labour Relations

Project Management

A Project Manager is dedicated to the customer for all aspects of their product from start through to shipment. Maintaining any technical, quality, and supply communications, ensuring customer satisfaction. A Project Engineer is responsible for interpretation of customer documentation during the initial project review, prepare manuals, assembly procedures, establishment of inspection and testing requirements, tracking job status, and resolving issues.


Labour relations

Cherrytech’s ability to serve your present and future needs is achieved through the combination of a strong international manufacturing structure, expertise in efficient manufacturing techniques and our extensive knowledge in procurement of components materials globally. Discrimination can be deliberate or unintentional and can take place at any level within any organisation. Cherrytech strongly believes that such discrimination is wrong and is committed to ensuring that its own policies and procedures provide equal treatment to all in terms of recruitment and employment of staff, the provision of training and in working together as a global team.

We adhere and work beyond the strict labour laws, which far exceed those currently at an advisory stage in the EU.

These laws are much more favourable to the employee giving them many rights of protection from placement working conditions through to unjustified dismissal.

We reward our Asian staff much more than the set standards for good performance & send highly skilled and experienced professionals from UK to give support and additional training.

The clean air conditioned environmentally controlled workplace, provision of sports facilities and extra curriculum activities for team building – aiding quality of life for our staff.

We believe in working within a culture that works to eliminate certain prejudices and actively encourage a positive approach to all members of staff.

This has helped to make Cherrytech a solid global company.