Cable and Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Cherrytech specializes in the meticulous assembly of various wire solutions, ranging from straightforward flying leads to intricate wiring harnesses as well as electro-mechanical assembly. Our expertise lies in the careful integration and arrangement of wires, ensuring that each assembly meets the unique specifications of your projects.

Whether you require the simplicity of flying leads or the complexity of wiring harnesses, our wire assembly process is characterized by precision and attention to detail. Our skilled team excels at navigating the intricacies of different configurations, guaranteeing that every wire assembly adheres to the highest industry standards.

At Cherrytech, our commitment to delivering exceptional wire assembly services is unwavering. From concept to completion, we prioritize quality and reliability. Our assembly techniques incorporate the latest industry advancements, providing you with wire solutions that seamlessly integrate into your electronic systems.

Whether your project demands the simplicity of flying leads or the sophistication of complex wiring harnesses, Cherrytech is your trusted partner in wire assembly excellence. Choose us for wire solutions that embody reliability, precision, and innovation.


Electro-Mechanical Assembly at Cherrytech represents the intricate fusion of electronic and mechanical components, meticulously crafted to bring your projects to fruition. Our skilled team excels in seamlessly integrating diverse elements, from printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) to enclosures, forming a cohesive and functional whole. 

In the realm of Electro-Mechanical Assembly, we offer a comprehensive range of full box builds and integration solutions. This encompasses the meticulous arrangement of components, wiring, and mechanical parts within an enclosure, ensuring that every detail aligns with the project’s specifications. 

Our commitment to precision extends beyond individual components; we focus on the harmonious interaction of electronic and mechanical elements, creating systems that operate seamlessly and reliably. Whether it’s a complex integration project or a streamlined assembly, our team leverages expertise to meet the highest industry standards. 

At Cherrytech, Electro-Mechanical Assembly is not just a process; it’s a synergy of skills, technology, and dedication. We take pride in transforming disparate components into a unified and functional whole, delivering assemblies that stand at the intersection of innovation and reliability. 

electro mechanical assembly
cable and electro mechanical assembly

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