Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster we have a robust plan in place which will allow the business to continue with as little disruption as possible. 

We operate the same MRP system across both our UK and Asia sites and all the data and associated data is maintained and backed-up on a cloud base platform.

In the event of a disaster at one of our sites, whereby the disaster leads to production either ceasing or being reduced the other site would be able to pick up without too much delay.

There are 2 building at our Asia site. Materials are held in one and Production is in the other. Materials are also held in our UK site. In the event of a disaster in one of these, and along with the expertise in our component sourcing division, we would be able to resolve any issues quickly.

In the event of a disaster, we have business interruption insurance cover on both sites.

We also have public liability insurance cover for £5M for both sites.

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