PCB Assembly

Cherrytech provides the very latest in PCB Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing with facilities ranging from through-hole conventional assembly to the latest in surface mount µBGA, 0201 and fine pitch technology. Our team of experts is fully trained to the industry’s recognized IPC-610 standard, ensuring each product meets our rigorous quality assurance protocols.

From Prototype to Production 

We possess extensive experience in crafting PCBs for all market sectors, supporting you from the prototype stage right through to high-volume production. Our facilities are equipped to handle complex projects with precision and efficiency. To compliment our surface mount and leaded component assembly we inspect product using Automatic Optical Inspection and X-Ray equipment. 

Advanced SMT Assembly Capabilities: 

  • Maximum Board Size: 680 x 460 mm
  • Component Placement: From size 0201 upwards
  • Technologies: BGA/uBGA, LGA, CSP
  • Processes: Forced Convection Reflow, ROHS compliant, and traditional leaded processes available upon request
  • Production Volumes: Flexible solutions from prototype assembly to large-scale production runs

Conventional PCB Assembly: 

Our conventional assembly line features fully automated radial and axial placement, complemented by wave soldering and manual assembly options to accommodate all types of electronic components.

Precision Inspection and Testing:

  • Inspection Equipment: Utilize Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-Ray to ensure high product integrity.
  • Testing Services: Include functional testing and advanced diagnostics to guarantee performance.

Additional PCB Assembly Services: 

  • Conformal Coating: To protect against harsh environments.
  • Potting: For enhanced insulation and protection.

At Cherrytech, we not only focus on delivering advanced PCB assembly solutions but also on supporting our clients through every step of the manufacturing process. Whether you require small-scale prototype assemblies or complete, turnkey solutions for large volumes, our commitment to technological excellence and customer satisfaction helps ensure your projects are successful.

pcb assembly
PCB Assembly

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